Does your resume template stand out?

Resume's are a selling document. A winning resume template gives you a competitive advantage over other job seekers through eye-catching presentation, the creation of an on-paper personality, the 'visual' memory cue of your resume (compared to others),  structured cleanly presented formatting that aids recruiters to find the information in your resume they're looking for.  To see resume templates that have been given the "stand-out seal of approval" by HR recruiters visit our resume template page >>



You be the judge >> compare your resume against other job seekers


Your resume template has 20 seconds to impress


Your Resume Template has only has 20 seconds to impress.

With dozens or even hundreds of resumes to screen. . .

the key is to grab recruiters attention & keep it.  



Resume Templates create a competitive advantage

Leave great resume design to the experts and put yourself in the top 5%.  After all it’s a small investment for a potentially life-changing resume.  


90% of people are happy with their resume designs
yet HR consultants say that only 5% 
of resume designs are stand-outs 



Color resume templates - are they ok?

In short YES, using color in your resume is a powerful marketing tool for differentiation. However if you want to use color in your resume it must be done with care - learn more about using color in your resume >> 


Resume Template Styles - which should I use ?

In practice the most common Resume Template Style is the 'combination'  resume style.  Combination resume style is a mixture of both chronological and  functional resume styles - learn more >>


Resume Templates save you time

All the hard work has been done for you. Using our resume templates you can save up to 6 hours in formatting (statistics show 83% of people spend up to 6 hours alone just in formatting). 


In a recent study the average amount of time  
spent on resumes was 14 hours or more
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 
83% spent 6 or more hours 
formatting their resumes


Upgrade your resume template in minutes

From a standard resume template to an outstanding resume template >>

resume templetes before and after

For many, the decision to change jobs comes before the thought of creating a new resume.


With limited time, for most, content usually takes priority over formatting and presentation, a move which reduces the strength of your resume.

Content & formatting deserve equal attention


By using our resume templates you can remove the stress of having to format your resume at the last minute. As our resume templates intuitively re-adjust themselves as content is added or deleted, this also makes modifications a breeze.



Your resume template should promote you effectively at every stage

At all stages of the recruitment process (with the exception of psychometric testing), your resume is used by recruiters to evaluate you.

resume templetes 2



During the last stage of the recruitment process, if presented with candidates of equal skill and qualifications the decision maker will use additional cues such as personality, personal presentation and professionalism to evaluate between candidates. When decisons are being made, the final refrence point on the table is your resume. 





We can assist you with your 'on paper' personality & 
can give you the medium to present your self professionally



Increase income with a professional resume template

If your resume stands-out you are more likely to get an interview resulting in the opportunity to secure a higher paying job
A candidate with a professional resume is more likely to be considered for higher paying jobs
Higher paying salaries are often awarded to those who know how to communicate & present themselves in a professional manner



Why our winning resume templates are the ideal solution

No complicated software to learn (templates are preformatted word documents)
Save time : no formatting required
One of the fastest solutions on the market
Standout from your competitors
Winning resume templates - win you interviews

resume templetes


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