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Q. Formatting issues PDF vs Word Doc


If you send your resume as a PDF, then YES, all your formatting, fonts and page breaks will stay exactly the same - what they see is exactly what you sent.  For this reason we highly recommend sending your Resume as a PDF.

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Reasons why you should send your Resume as a PDF (NB: information relates to Word docs in general - not just resumes)

1. Resumes saved in Word (irrespective if a template is used on not) are likely to change when opened. The most common reason for this is that the recruitment / HR specialist is either running a different version of Word to yourself or a different operating system (ie. Mac).

2.  Formatting: If you save your resume as a PDF, all your formatting will stay exactly the same

3.  PDF’s will open on both PC’s and Mac’s without any problems

4.  Virus free: PDF’s are considered to be one of the safest files to send / receive via email because unlike Word documents viruses are not able to conceal themselves within the text.

5.  Easy to Read: If recruitment specialist is using the latest versions of Microsoft Office, they are likely to have a tool activated called “Reading Layout”. Reading Layout magnifies the text so that it’s easy to read - sounds good in theory, but in reality, when a document is opened in the “reading Layout “ view, it overwrites any formatting, so your Resume / CV will appear to be completely unformatted.

6.  Content is secure: Unless the person opening your Resume / CV has the editing version of Adobe PDF, unlike with a Word document, they will not be able to plagiarize your content.

7.  Microsoft Office Word 2007:  The latest version of Microsoft Office Word 2007 is creating a multitude of problems for recruiters. Those who save their document in the latest version of Word 2007 (with the file extension .docx) run the likely risk that the recruiter and or their client won’t be able to open this version of Word.  

NB: If you're running Word 2007, we strongly advise saving your resume as a PDF, or if the recruiter specifically requests a Word document, that you save your file as an earlier version of Word ie. Word 97-2003 (To do this, go to: File_Save As_click the down arrow to the right of “Save as Type”_ select Word 97-2003). If you have to send a word document, you should always include a PDF version.

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