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Colours: Black, Turquoise, Light Grey

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Description: This funky resume template grabs attention and presents you in a professional and confident manner.

You need a funky resume template because you need to standout

Your resume is a SALES TOOL - you need a a funky resume to set you apart. Its purpose is to communicate to recruiters your professionalism, your match to the job, and your personality.  This is where 95% of candidates fall short.  They concentrate on content (demonstrating their job match) but give little attention to creating a visual point of difference through presentation - ignoring two important sales factors:  professionalism and personality.

When screening dozens or even hundreds of applicants for a single job, there will always be more than one candidate that fits the work experience criteria.

A Funky Resume Template = professionalism and personality

Competitive advantage means standing out and doing things differently. By demonstrating personality and professionalism, you WILL be noticed and you will create a memorable first impression with recruiters.

Created by Designers approved by Recruiters

A funky resume design is essential to differentiate yourself, but it must not come at a cost to the content of your resume. That is why all our templates have been carefully designed to maximize presentation whilst enhancing formatting. All resume sections (ie. work experience, education....) are clearly organized making use of bullet points and empty space (favored presentation of recruiters) enabling recruiters to quickly find and isolate the information they are looking for.  All our funky resumes are ‘Recruiter Approved' as outstanding templates.


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"Funky resume templates stand out"