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Description: This contemporary resume design presents candidates as both assertive and confident. Highly eye catching, this resume is professional without being too loud.

Professional Resume

Is the formatting and design of your resume professional?  Your resume is an advertisement, it's supposed to sell - YOU.  With only 20 seconds in the initial screening phase, it's crucial your resume is eye-catching and memorable. To gain a competitive advantage with your resume over other candidates, you must do things differently. Your resume must demonstrate personality, and professionalism. Professional resume templates give you that point of difference.

All resumes should begin with a Professional Resume format 

Resume format and presentation is often an after thought.  With limited time, the primary focus is usually on the content of your resume - with little or no time given to time formatting and presentation of your resume.


"Content and formatting deserve equal attention"


We have taken care of just that - resume formatting and presentation. Our resume templates are expertly formatted to present your rersume professionally, removing the stress of having to format your resume at the last minute. 

Create a professional resume in just 10mins 

If you have an existing resume you can transform your resume into a professional resume in a matter of minutes.  All you need to do is copy the information from your old resume, and paste into your new pre-designed professional resume template. It takes less than 10 mins to transfer the information and the result is a professional resume that generates interest and is highly memorable to recruiters and senior management.


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