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Q. Resume headings


All our resume templates come with the most commonly requested headings from recruiters.  In technical 'resume format' terms, our templates follow the 'combination' resume format, due to popularity, however all headings are editable and can be changed to suit:

Headings used on our resume templates:

         1.  Personal Details

        2.  Objective

        3.  Summary of Qualifications (also referred to as ‘Key Strengths’)

        4.  Employment History (also referred to as ‘Work Experience’)

        5.  Education & Training,

        6.  Computer Skills

        7.  Languages

        8.  Member Organizations and Referees

All headings in our resume templates can be modified or changed to suit your personal preferences.  Additional headings can be added by yourself by simply 'copying and pasting' an existing heading to the desired location within the resume.

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Difference between 'Combination', 'Chronological' and 'Functional' headings
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