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Designed by the best, for the best

We know what it takes to make you standout in today’s competitive recruitment market. Our templates have been designed by a combination of (first and foremost), recruiters, marketers (who know what it takes to create a competitive advantage) and designers (who know how to wrap it all together). 

Unlike resume builders that can overwhelm you with options and complex software to learn, our resumes templates are simply designed in Microsoft Word, a program that we all know and use.   


Save time, standout & present yourself professionally 


Our resume templates present you in a professional manner and demonstrate that you are confident, well presented and know what it takes to make an impression.  

A lot of thought, research and energy has gone into creating our resume templates. Not only do they give you a critical advantage over other candidates, but they also remove the stress of formatting & presentation saving you precious time and eliminating stress.  Good luck with your applications and we wish you the same success experienced by our other happy clients.


You only have 20 seconds to impress in the initial screening phase
Give yourself a clear competitive advantage
Save valuable time - all the formatting & hard work is done
Convey your professionalism & personality
To be noticed you must STAND OUT
There's no complicated software to learn (designed in Microsoft Word)
Templates are created by a combination of recruiters, marketers & designers
Your resume is the most visible & valuable tool in the entire recruitment process



Yours sincerely,


Fleur Wiig - Managing Director