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Resume Templates

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Resume Templates

Why use resume templates?  The benefits of using resume templates are many - time, formatting, presentation and marketing. Let's explore the advantages in greater detail...

Resume Templates > save you time

resume templates save time

When the moment comes to sort out your resume, time restraints often create excessive pressure. When time is short it makes sense to concentrate on content. Professional resume presentation is equally important as it gives the content of your resume credibility - a well written, poorly presented resume weakens the overall perception of the candidate.  Resume templates are a proven and effective way to save time from adjusting formatting and modifying design that for most, is a lengthy and fiddly process.  Resume templates give you the professional head start your resume needs.

Resume Templates > effective formatting and presentation

ResumeA common complaint from HR professionals screening resumes is that formatting is inconsistent. This means bullet points and margins are not properly aligned, and sections are either not clearly labeled or difficult to find. Most HR professionals prefer the use of bullet points throughout resumes, because it makes it easy to scan the resume and identify the key elements of the individual's experience that sets them apart. Resume templates are designed for the ease of use for Human Resource Professionals. The formatting is designed to make their job easy and leave a favorable impression.

Resume Templates > professional resume = professional candidate


First impressions count. The appearance of a professional resume visually indicates a professional candidate.  A professional resume template will ensure the recruiter makes the connection.  A well presented resume shows the candidates attention to detail, and a professional attitude, whereas a poorly presented resume gives the initial impression of an amateur, whether or not formatting or presentation is even part of their job description. 

Resume Templates > Marketing = creating a lasting impression

resume templates

Formatting, presentation and professionalism are all critical elements of a resume template. But alone, they won't make you stand out from other candidates.  Eye-catching design is what sets you apart. Almost 100% of candidates (estimated at 99.99%) use free resume template downloads to create or model the design of their resumes. Yes, this achieves formatting and professionalism but it doesn't differentiate your resume from all those in the pile.  It's human nature to be attracted to anything thing that's different, visually appealing or eye catching.  The resume that achieves differentiation - in a professional yet, eye-catching manner, creates a favorable lasting impression.  It  shows confidence, personality and an understanding of business. To succeed in business you need to do something better than your competitors, you need a 'competitive advantage' - the same applies when applying for jobs.

It's all about creating a competitive advantage with your resume

Leave great resume design to the experts and put yourself in the minority.  After all it’s a small investment for a potentially life-changing resume.  

Resume standout Designer resume
90% of people are happy with their resume design
yet HR consultants say that only 5% 
of resume designs are stand-outs 



Which resume template should I choose?

When choosing a resume template look for one that suits you industry or your job description. If you are a Corporate Lawyer for example, you are best to choose a corporate looking template such as 'Magneto', 'Determined', 'Graphite', 'Straight Talker' or 'Marketing', whereas If you are an IT Consultant ,as well as the templates mentioned being suitable, you may also want to consider 'Orbit', 'My shout' and 'IT'.


Blank resume templates - ready to go

The beauty of a blank resume template is that it is all ready to go - there is no formatting to take care of as the fiddly bits are all done. Simply type your content directly into the blank resume template (the template will expand to fit your content - whether that be one page or, many) or alternatively copy content from your old resume and paste it into your new blank resume template.