Below are some testimonials provided by happy clients.

Resume caught recruiters eye

Having sent my resume to five of the country's leading Private Secondary Schools I was delighted to be contacted by all five schools for an interview. One of the Headmasters made a point of commenting that "Resumes are passed to me on a regular basis, normally I file them, in this case the resume caught my eye". Consequently, I'm writing this testimonial as I am convinced the quality of the resume design was a significant factor in my success. - William Struthers (Assitant Head of School and Teacher)

Competitive Market

"In such a competitive market I wanted to differentiate myself from the many that would be applying for this job. I wanted every chance available to make a good impression. I've no doubt your resume template did just that. I got the job" - Sean O'Connor (Finance)

Professional Resume

What first appealed about your resume templates was the well organized structure – not only professional, it left no ambiguity as to what I needed to include in my resume. It gave me the professional resume I needed to get the attention of the agency where I gained employment. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending your resume templates to anyone looking for a quality product that sets you apart. Best regards, Julie Anderson, Banking. - Julie Anderson (Banking)

Clean and Professional

What a find! This fantastic site is easy to use and gives a clean, professional resume that I would not have been able to produce on my own. Time is money and this site has saved me both. Thank you! M Mackenzie - M. Mackenzie (Sales)

Fast and easy to use

I'm actually quite surprised at how easy the whole thing was. Your video is right, literally within minutes (it took 4.5 minutes - yeah tragic, I timed it!) I'd transfered the content from my old resume into one of your templates. It was really easy. I'm super happy with how my new resume looks. Thanks, Rob. - Rob Pentworthy (Software Developer)


I was taken back and a bit embarrassed when the recruitment agent I met with emailed me after my interview and told me to re-submit my resume once I'd improved the formatting. He said I had good experience and skills etc but that my resume was not professional enough!. He forwarded me a couple of links (yours being one of them) to give me some guidance. I liked what I saw on your site so "bit the bullet" and bought one. For someone who doesn't typically shop on the net it was kind of a big deal for me, but I'm really pleased I did. It's has paid off in the long run. I actually didn't realize how averagely formatted my resume was until I'd upgraded to one of yours. It's made all the difference career-wise, hence the testimonial. Cheers. - David (Business Consultant)

Great in every way

I just wanted to truly thank you for a your great templates. My friend referred me to your website and I'm so pleased she did. What a transformation! After 2 months with no nibbles from applications I sent in, I knew I needed to take a look at my resume. I actually felt much more confident once I'd used your template, it made such a difference to the presentation. I was thrilled to finally get some interviews. I now have the job I was hoping for. THANK YOU! Also, thanks for great customer service, I know sellers always SHOULD respond but in reality it's a bit of a surprise when they do! Keep up the good work. - Jane Grover (Customer Service Representative)

Your templates are fantastic!

"Your templates are fantastic! So easy to use and look fab! Thanks." - Hannah Hislop (Sales)

Money well spent

“Money very well spent!!!! Thanks for a brilliant resume!” - Kelly McLean (Biochemist)

Easy to use, all the hard work is done

"Give me some numbers and I can analyze them, but get me to make something look good in a Word doc and I have no clue!. Your resume template helped me to achieve the professionalism I was looking for when preparing my resume. I liked the fact that all the tricky work had been done, I just typed in my info and presto I had a professional resume." - G. Patterson (Finance)

Promoted myself professionally

"My new resume design not only gave me confidence that I was promoting myself in a professional manner it also made a big impression with recruiters, and yes I got the job I was aiming for. Thanks." - Paul Haynes (Engineer)

Huge impression with Senior Management

"Recently I needed to update my resume to apply for a job that was pivotal to advancing my career. I didn’t have time to fiddle with the design myself yet I wanted to produce not just a good, but an outstanding resume that would set me apart from all the rest. I was extremely pleased to find your resume templates, as my selling points could not have been presented in a more eye-catching and professional manner. I truly believe your template played a critical part in getting me my dream job. Not only did it get me through to the interview stage, it is worth mentioning that later I was told by the HR Manager that my resume made a huge impression when presented to Senior Management." - Terry McDougal (Business Development Manager)


"My new resume really made my application stand out from others." - J. Simons (Account Manager)

Insight into my personality

"Having this template was great as I wanted something fun and creative looking that would give the potential employer insight into my personality." - Alexandra Weir (Marketing)

Unique resume design

"Having a unique resume design never once failed to get me through to the next round of job interviews." - Tim Johnson (Accountant)

Will recommend to family and friends

"I have no problems in recommending your resume templates to family and friends, it’s a great product!" - Cameron Shaw (Manager)

Small investment, Great outcome

"Your resume template was such a small investment for such a great outcome. I now have the job I was striving for and won’t be looking back! Many thanks." - S. Lowry (Banking)

Visually eye-catching and easy to use

"As a designer I’m used to working in Photoshop, but find ‘Word’ counter-intuitive when it comes to presentation. The template I chose was visually eye-catching and for me, the best part was that it was pre-formatted and easy to use. Excellent product." - Luca Anderson (Graphic Designer )

Headings are what recruiters are looking for

"As a recruiter myself, I’ve found your resume templates to be spot on in terms of recommended headings / content and yes they do achieve their goal in helping individuals to standout. In my view, a great product at an extremely fair price." - S. Johnson (HR Consultant)

A truly top quality product

"I knew I needed to improve the look of my resume, yet I had no time and knew little about formatting. Of all those I found on the net nothing came even close in terms of design and appearance. It was as easy as copying and pasting my old resume text into my new template and within 20 mins I had a completely professional look that got me noticed. A truly top quality product." - C. Ray Brown (Retail sales)

I thought my resume looked great - until I saw my friends!

"I thought my resume looked great until I saw a friends resume! After much coercion they finally came forward and told me they’d bought it from your website. I too bought one, and like my friend have had success. Unlike my friend, who wanted to keep your resume templates a well guarded secret, I’LL be making sure my friends and family hear all about it! Thanks!" - Mary-Anne Roberts (Training and Education)


"Easy to use plus great format and design, 10/10." - Patrick Davis (Software Engineer)