The recruitment process


 Your resume should market you effectively at every stage

At all stages of the recruitment process - with the exception of psychometric testing, your resume is used by recruiters to

evaluate you.



During the last stage of the recruitment process, if presented with candidates of equal skill and qualifications the decision maker will use additional cues such as personality, personal presentation and professionalism to evaluate between candidates. 


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   give you the medium to present your self professionally. 

When decisons are being made, the final refrence point on the table is your resume.


5 steps of the recruitment process explained


null Resume screening: recruiters assess resumes for professionalism, content match, presentation and formatting  Learn More>>

Short-listing for interview: further reduce screened resumes for interview selection

Interviews & psychometric testing: Interviews - Verbally assess candidates experience, professionalism and personality in relation to advertised job and corporate fit. Psychometric testing - test candidates logic, aptitude, mathematic skills and or reading comprehension (tests vary depending on recruiters preferences)

Short listing for decision makers:  Assess results of interviews and psychometric tests (if performed). Decide which candidates to present to decision makers.

Decision making / additional interviewing by management: Decision makers will read through short listed resumes and depending on the companies size, either, decide which candidates to invite to a second interview, or decide whom they will make an offer to.


"During interviews, recruiters are assessing your experience, your professionalism and personality"