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Description: This resume template is designed specifically for waitresses, waiters and chefs.

Waitress Resume



: : Well formatted Waitress Resume

Applying for a job as a waitress?  You need to make sure your waitressing resume stands out. The way in which you present your waitressing resume can be the difference between a resume that stands out or one that is lost in the pile.  It all comes down to making an impression and first impressions count.  As all good waitresses know, if you start off on the right foot and make a positive impression, the reward - by way of a generous tip, is more likely to follow. The same theory holds true when applying for a waitressing job - make sure your waitress resume is well presented with strong relevant content and you're more likely to be considered for the job. 

"To ensure your waitressing resume stands out, the presentation must be eye-catching, well formatted and easy for the person reading your resume to find the information they are looking for".


We recommend the following NEW blank  Waitress Resume Template which is specifically created (in terms of content fields and presentation) for the hospitality industry (suitable for Waitresses, Waiters, Chefs and Caterers)


Designed Specifically for the Hospitality Industry: Waitresses, Waiters, Chefs and Caterers


Waitress Resume






















: : What to include in a waitress resume / waiter resume

When reading a waitress resume, prospective employers are looking for a waitress with the following qualities:



A waitress with strong interpersonal skills that has the ability to engage with customers in a professional, friendly, yet efficient manner


The waitress must be able to take orders without mistakes and relay special requests to chefs in a clear manner


Have a good understanding of specialty foods so as to explain complicated menus


The waitress must have an understanding of common dietary requirements including allergies and intolerances (ie. gluten, dairy, peanut etc) and food related conditions such as (celiac disease and anaphylactic shock)


The ability to set and clear tables in an efficient manner


Good energy levels and stamina to keep up with the pace on long nights / busy shifts


 Waitresses must be able to remain calm and professional under pressure and in situations of stress


The ability to wine-match certain wines to certain meals is advantageous, so to is 'wine appreciation' 


An understanding of food handling safety is an advantage


 A waitress that is passionate about food and customer service


 The ability to operate a coffee machine


: : Objective writing >> waitress resume

It is important to offer something of substance. A common mistake with a waitress resume is to be too generic ie " To gain employment as a waitress".  An example of a well written waitressing objective is as follows:


"I am a Senior Waitress seeking a position that allows me to utilize my passions for French cuisine

and hospitality. With team leadership experience, my daily goal is to manage the floor so that customer service

consistently surpasses diner expectations"


: : Checklist for a Waitress Resume 

         1.  Have an eye-catching waitress resume design - so you will instantly be noticed, and more importantly, remembered

         2.  Provide the relevant information to the employer or recruitment agency screening waitress resumes

         3.  Make sure your resume is concise - use single line phrases and bullet points to showcase your waitressing skills and experience



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