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Q. What Fonts should I use


Your choice of font and size can be the difference between an easy-to-read Resume, or one that falls into the recruiter's too hard basket.  We advise our clients to stick to the following fonts & guidelines for main body text.  Font size should be no smaller than 9 point (11pt  for Times New Roman).  The easiest fonts to read belong to the ‘Serif’ & ‘Sans Serif’ families.

In particular, we recommend ‘Arial’ as it is widely accepted by recruiters as easy to read, however the following table of fonts are all acceptable.  Use of these fonts (because they are standard fonts within Microsoft word) will minimize (not eliminate) the likelihood of conversion & formatting problems when opened on a different version of Word to which the document was originally saved in, and or, when opened on different operating system ie PC vs. Apple Mac.

Note: you can use fonts outside of the ‘Serif’ & ‘Sans Serif’ families for headings and titles, the general guideline being they must be easy to read, particularly if used to type the candidate’s name. 


Acceptable fonts for main body text


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